Thursday, August 2, 2007

Our day full of fun!

Here are some cute pictures of our fun day yesterday!

This is Callee's brother in law, Rex, and her parents, Paul and Teri(sorry if I spelt it wrong) after they got in a cake fight! It was so funny and Teri was such a good sport!

Dont get too mad at me Callee!These are the birthday boys! Ashton is on the left and Dalton is on the right! (pretty sure)

We went to the Tree House museum in Ogden with my friend Tami! This is the tea party room. Each room has a really fun theme and its a hands on type thing!

I cant quite figure out the theme for this room, but it was fun dressing up. It's Peter Pan standing by a llama!

These are more pictures from the party. Reese's have a fun pool, here's Todd, Chad, Rich and Misha taking a swim!

Tyra and me holding the CUTE birthday boys!


The Bischoff Bunch said...

How fun! I wish we could have been there! Happy Birthday Dalton and Ashton! I can't believe it has been a year! I love Terri! She is a good sport to have fun in a cake fight!

Shalyse said...

Those boys are so cute and Callee and Jeremy are such great parents! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

The Bischoff Bunch said...

Easton thinks the picture is Robin Hood standing by a deer not a llama! He may be right!

The Bischoff Bunch said...

I love your new look!