Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Kitty, Kitty, Kitty

This cute little kitty sat at my front door meowing FOREVER, seriously, like 3 hours. I finally let it in, and my kids fell in love with it..atleast Marli did. Porter said it stunk, but I called Todd, and told him, and he freaked out saying to not let it in the house......It was too late for that. Todd hates cats, but the funny thing is, I think I hate them more, but I felt bad for this one. It was so little still. But we ended up calling Perry city and 2 nice policemen came and took her to the animal shelter. As they were leaving I ask what happens to them, and he said they usually put them to sleep. I almost cried. I shouldnt have called them. I should have just thrown it in the field, and hoped another family would be nicer than we were.

This is Marli all ready for Gymnastics!Isnt she cute!
Check out these awesome leg warmers!!! She loves them!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Pretty Princess Shoes!

Porter and his buddy Kade played dress up today! I was laughing so hard! These little guys just feed off eachother. They try to make eachother laugh all day!

Matt will probably never let Kade come over again!

He just couldnt get enough!

This is who the shoes were meant for!!

Friday, September 21, 2007

My mom's new house!

My mom has been building this house for over a year, it still isnt quite done, but it will be soon!
This is a picture taken from the family room, looking up.
Her fireplace is so pretty. I love it!
This is my cute mom! Grandma Shanny! She doesnt look like a grandma.
The back deck. Doesnt Todd look excited, as usual!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sunday dinner

My family got together at Brynne's house this past Sunday. Here's some pictures... this is my dad Bones....just hanging out and making us laughTodd reading to Bella and Marli
Alec playing guitar hero
Okay I have to explain these pictures. My sister Brynne, ALWAYS has this perfect camera smile, we make fun of her because me and Megan always look so stupid in pictures. So she tried to teach us what she does......she closes her eyes and when you count to three you open your eyes and someone takes the picture. It didnt you can see.

Porter loves his cousin Brigham, who is learning to crawl(thanks to me and Megan)

Friday, September 7, 2007

Porters First Day of Preschool!

Porter is such a show off! Im a bad mom, most moms were sad and had a hard time leaving their kids. I was shouting for joy! He loves every second of it, and to my suprise the teachers are thinking he is great!

This is Porter and his "best friend" Riley! They are in the same class and after class the first thing they did was hold hands and start begging me and Tami to let them play! They are pretty cute!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Family Reunion

We had the Nelson family reunion this past Saturday. It's one of those you dont really want to go, but feel like you should. We knew like 6 people and they were my sisters and my dad. And everyone else there we didnt know and everyone just sits with their own family, who they already know. It's just so much fun.
Me and Todd. Todd loves family reunions. His family reunions are so much fun, really they are, what's the deal with my family?

My dad, Bones, he hates pictures, this is the best one I could get!

Me and my two babies, Marli and Porter.

Alec and Megan, holding Porter and Bella, Brynne's little girl.

Marli and Bella with their sunglasses!

Porter eating his favorite, watermelon. Check out the hot guy in the background. He is MY cousin!

This is my uncle Bob. He is pretty funny. His shirt says a lot about this family!!

I dont know who this girl is, I snuck a picture though. This tells is all!