Monday, March 31, 2008

I have the best girlfriends EVER!!

..........First I do have to say that we are missing ANDREA in these pictures, I dont have any of all 6 of us together lately,(I should because of Becky's wedding) and we missed her so much on this trip to California. I just love my girlfriends. We have all been so close for really as long as I can remember! Sometimes we go months without talking, but we always start right where we left off! I am so lucky to still be so close to these girls! I love them to death and I think it's about time for another girls trip.....

Sorry Katie, I couldnt resist, remember how hard we laughed??!!

I hope everybody has friends like these girls, I am so glad I do!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

My first professional massage.......

Okay...Right now, Im not sure what I think! I know it felt great and I love my feet to be rubbed, poor Todd gets so sick of it! For Valentines day Todd got me an hour massage. I was nervous, cause I was wanting a girl, but they were booked for a full month, except for this one cancellation, with a guy......The lady was so nice and talked to me about how professional they are and how they would make me feel comfortable. So I agreed....Todd wasnt so sure!!! Anyway, I went and it was awesome, but the part where he rubbed up the back of my leg,(and part of my butt) was a little awkward! Im sure he felt me tighten up real quick! For sure next time I go I will have a female do it. Im not saying this guy was some nasty old perv, he was super nice and very professional. Just next time I may be a little more relaxed with a woman!!! But oh my, how I love massages, I think Ill make it my new hobby.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandma Bischoff!

We hope you have a good day today...and hopefully the weather was perfect for is pretty cool here today! Mary Ellen is in Texas on a mission and we have missed them a lot! My kids love going over there, and she is such a good grandma to them. She always has fun things to do with them! She always is thinking of ways to help other people, even attempting to help me learn to sew! For a while we were in the same ward, and everyone always would say" if only all of us could be like Mary Ellen." She is always doing good things for everyone else. She has raised 7 kids and everyone one of them has done good things with their lives. My husband is so helpful and great, thanks to Mary Ellen and the things she taught him....Have a good day, we wish we were closer to celebrate with you!!


This is Porter and Marli, ready for Church! I love little boys in ties, they look so cute!
This is the trail of candy the Easter bunny left that led to the kid's Easter baskets! (thanks Jennifer)

They followed the path and found their baskets! Not that is was that hard, but they are only 2 and 4! I cant wait till their older and Im going to come up with some good hiding places!

I have more pictures of the day before at Jennifer's house, I will put them up, when I figure out how.......

Friday, March 21, 2008

I know, I know......

......your all sick of seeing "Get Together." I am too, so I am finally posting again! My poor Marli has been so sick last week. It got kinda scary, but she is finally feeling better....this picture below, is what she did for a full week. It was so sad..... I also posted some pictures of the past couple weeks!
We went to Disney on Ice which was a Princess theme, as you know, Marli was sick, but I had paid for the tickets weeks before, so Todd stayed with Marli, and I really had to talk Porter into going.. He kept saying " It's for girls." I dont remember how or what I bribed him with, but he agreed to go! Doesnt he look happy!!
He was loving the cotton candy...he almost grew himself a cotton candy beard! Those of you who read Tyra's blog heard this story, but I have to tell it! The finale was so neat! They had all the princess's come out and Cinderella was in this pretty carriage, there were fireworks and all this pretty stuff, everywhere! I was evening oooing and ahhhaing, I remember asking Brynne if she had chills, cause I did!!!All the sudden Porter in this high girly voice says " Oh my heck! I hate all of them!" My first reactions was " hey dont say that, that is so mean." After laughing about it with Brynne, we decided that I should be proud. Thats exactly what a 4 year old boy should say at a Princess on Ice!
Marli and Misha had the exact same skirt on, on Sunday, We laughed when Tyra stopped by to give us cookies, and the girls were wearing the same thing!! This was their pose for the camera!
Dying Easter eggs. We had Luke and Riley over, and did easter eggs! They all were amazed by each egg that turned a new color! It was pretty fun, and yes , Riley wore her helmet for a couple hours straight. She must need extra protection from Porter when she's here!!