Tuesday, September 30, 2008

We Love Halloween

I am lucky my kids like Halloween as much as I do. They went to the dentist yesterday and I told them if they were good, they could pick a prize at the store. This is what they chose, and really they had a huge choice, all of walmart. Halloween always has some nasty, funny stuff at Halloween time! This one almost made me gag though! Porter thought it was hilarious. He wants to take it to preschool for show and tell. Probably not.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


My sister Megan asked if she could have my kids for a couple days for a sleepover, and I was so nice and told her yes....during this time without kids, I really wasnt sure what to do with myself! So my mother in law said to start a project, and I did just that. I started in Marli's room, I bought the paint and really wasnt sure what my plan was at this point. Im still not sure what made me decide to try the stripes. I really like them and so do my kids, but they take A LONG time! Yes, I realize the date on the pictures is wrong. My camera dies so often that I dont care enough to reset the date every sorry.....
Todd also finished the yard while the kids were gone! It is the best thing ever to finally have grass! We had a lot of guys from our ward show up to help and so did some of Todds brothers! Thanks guys.
This is my walmart deal! Im loving it!
Front yard
Back yard
Porter also wanted stripes after I said Marli's walls were striped, I just made his way thicker and only on one wall, instead of two! I loved the turnout! Now I need to find some cute bedding for both of their rooms!
Im so glad for these blogs! My mom and her side of the family pretty much never make it down our way, so we're happy they can see our house and things were doing this way!