Wednesday, January 28, 2009

have you seen Becky's butt???

So this is really random that I decided to post this, after like what 3 months, but have any of you heard that Radio add, type thing. It starts off some girl saying, " oh my gosh have you guys seen Becky's butt?" We'll just about 2 minutes ago, while I was in my own world, I heard Porter say, "have you seen Becky's butt?" (then he laughs) I say POOOORTER. (Thinking he is talking about Becky, my cousins butt) then he finishes the commercial and says, "IT LOOKS SO GOOD!" If any of you have heard this on the radio, it then goes on to say her butt looks good because of the Laguana Beach jeans she is wearing..... Did I have any idea Porter was even paying the teeniest attention to the radio? No.......BUT NOW I DO!!!! Really, This kid will do ANYTHING to get a laugh.....Yes I am very nervous for highschool.