Wednesday, January 28, 2009

have you seen Becky's butt???

So this is really random that I decided to post this, after like what 3 months, but have any of you heard that Radio add, type thing. It starts off some girl saying, " oh my gosh have you guys seen Becky's butt?" We'll just about 2 minutes ago, while I was in my own world, I heard Porter say, "have you seen Becky's butt?" (then he laughs) I say POOOORTER. (Thinking he is talking about Becky, my cousins butt) then he finishes the commercial and says, "IT LOOKS SO GOOD!" If any of you have heard this on the radio, it then goes on to say her butt looks good because of the Laguana Beach jeans she is wearing..... Did I have any idea Porter was even paying the teeniest attention to the radio? No.......BUT NOW I DO!!!! Really, This kid will do ANYTHING to get a laugh.....Yes I am very nervous for highschool.


Summer said...

that's hilarious! My kids are always repeating things they hear on tv, the radio, songs I listen to. It's scary!!! I think our kids would get along great, by the way : )

Mama Mia said...

Too funny...yes kids they are like sponges. I feel like I have to really watch everything they hear and is the worst.

Shalyse said...

holy cow...this kid is FUNNY! we have missed you in the blog world! and we are getting really excited to hang out in Bear Lake! :-)

Tami said...

That's so funny. That little Porter... Any word from Becky yet? Call me when you hear!

Natalie said...

Hey Jade! Yes, we did get our camera back, thanks! I am so irresponsible! Your family is way cute. Porter is bigger, but looks just the same!

The Smith Family said...

Oh my gosh, that is SO funny about your little boy and the "butt" comment. One of my twins came to me the other day and said..."Mom, I need a Big Mac and Fries!" LOL LOL LOL. I Said... "What?!?" And she just looked at me like I was the crazy one. LOL. Kids are SO funny. And the best part is... I'm sure that she doesn't even KNOW what a Big Mac even IS! haha.
Okay, onto your question about the "omma" as we like to call it in our house. That STUPID little thing. Ugh. lol. I'm gonna be honest, it seriously creeped me out the first time I saw it "taking form" on my poor Joceylnn's face, but now... it's like a part of her. But I have to say... It's TOTALLY shrunk at TON, and is getting REALLY light and soft. I'm hoping that it will go away in the next few years. (well, before Kindergarten at least... Kids can be ruthless!) We actually went to a bunch of dermatologist to see if we could get it lasered and stuff, but they told us to just let it run it's course. She we have.
I have looked a little bit at your blog, and I don't see ANYTHING on your little girls face! (btw, SUCH cute kids!! And your whole family is super cute!)
Has her's faded? from when she was littler? I can hardly see it at all.
K, well, I guess I'm not sure what you wanted to know. But if you have any questions... let me know!
Shelley Smith

sarefamily said...

Jade- i made me blog private, so if you want an invite in email me. the kids look beautiful as ever, as do you!! Hope all is well!

beck said...

I'm pretty sure he was talking about my butt.