Thursday, July 31, 2008

My addiction

I guess it's time I admit to everyone I have a problem. I have a horrible obsession. Today I thought I would just hurry and vaccum my carpet, and not take the extra time to make the lines in the carpet......I couldnt do it. I had to go through the house and make the lines that I love so much....I think it's one of my favorite things. I love it, it looks nice and clean. I wouldnt say Im a "clean freak." But I do like my house to be clutter free and things to have a place.
The problem is, It only last a little while! See the lines are disapearing!!!!
I usally do it at night so it will stay like this for a while. I love to wake up to a clean house and the lines sucked into my carpet. I am a carpet freak.

Monday, July 28, 2008

On Pioneer day I went with two of my neighbors to THE DARK KNIGHT!!! I had been really wanting to see it! I love scary movies, which this one was so creepy! The joker was really creepy and I was loving it! Later that night we had a little barbeque with the Hall's and Peterson's. Our kids love to play together and looking at the picture, I think they had fun.... Kamryn, Porter, Kade, and Marli. Bradlee was running around somewhere

Our yard has just really been a pain in the butt. It has been a lot of work(for Todd) and it's finally about time for grass!! I cant tell you how excited me and my kids will be when that day is here!
The backyard
The front

Monday, July 21, 2008

The dentist and Cherry Hills...............

Porter loved the Lazy river! He was always about 20 feet behind his cousin's, but he was so cute floating all alone! Some of our group, Bruce and Mia are in Utah for a little while, so we all met at Cherry Hills! It's always fun seeing them and their cute kids!
A really good picture of me and Marli, I had just gotten soaked on the cardiac canyon. That slide is rough on you. I got thrown off my tube and slammed into the walls the whole way down.
More family
Marli at the dentist! This girl's name is Lindsay, and she is from Brigham city! She was so good, Marli wasnt scared one bit, she loved the dentist! Look at the cute pink chair..
Nice clean teeth and a new toothbrush! She was a happy girl!
Porter was brave too! He picked orange flavored flouride and said it was really good! This lady made sure she had her mask on. Good thing.
Porter laying back watching Jungle Book! They played these movies and the screen was in the ceiling, and Porter loved the cool headphones. We loved Dr. Doug and his "helpers!" Marli has to have a root canal...Has anyone else had a kid so young have anything like this done??They told us she will have to have it done at the hospital and will be put under while they work on her tooth....Im not so sure. But the dentist office was so fun and my kids keep asking to go back to the dentist.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Our 4th of July weekend in Bear Lake

We had so much fun this weekend! I love being in Bear Lake Valley for the 4th! I always loved it growing up there! I forgot my camera when we went to the lake and the awesome Paris parade! My kids got a lot of candy, we were suprised! Porter, Todd, Merinn, Austin and Jake rode in the back of Brad's truck to go fishing! Porter was loving it!
Isnt Bo so cute! He has grown up a lot lately! His band "Last Chance Lane Change" played at the park after the fireworks in Montpelier! They are so fun to listen to!
Marli and Bella jumping on Grandma Lanes trampoline before the fireworks off M hill start!
Grandpa Brad! All the grandkids love him to death! He does a lot of fun things with them! Me and Todd always like to sit around and talk with him! He is such a sweet guy!
Porter's first time fishing. He really liked it, he looks a little scared in the pictures, but he was just hugging Todd! By the way we never got anything....bummer.....he was really excited about getting one!
My mom, me and my grandma! I love going to my grandma's! It always feels like home there.
Here she is making popcorn for the firework show, kinda a tradition of hers! It was yummy!!!!
This is my spread eagle and......
This is Brynnes.....tell us who's is better!!!......
Me and Todd! I love the 4th of July, especially when it's on a weekend!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Tyra!!!!!

Happy Birthday Tyra! We wont say which birthday this is, even thought I think you have no reason to even think twice about how old you are! Tyra is my "sister in law,"but she honestly feels like a real blood sister to me! I talk to her daily, and probably see her almost daily! I love her so much and could tell her ANYTHING! She is one of the most "REAL" people I know. She is always being funny and I love to laugh with her! She is such a good mom and she doesnt give herself enough credit. She is so much fun and Im so glad we married brothers! I hope you have a great day Tyra!