Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Warning......picture overload!!!

GemmaShe has been smiling so much lately, but wont do it for the camera yet!

Porter loves Gemma & is so much help, he has gotten her to sleep for me several times! Marli on the other hand......

me and my sisters after Gemmas blessing

Gemma's Blessing day

The guys in the blessing circle said she was wide awake looking at everyone! Todd gave a sweet blessing. Im so lucky to have such a good husband.

Halloween At Grandma Bischoff's

Halloween was rough on Todd. He needed a nap.

Porter turned six! We set up a pinata in our unfinished basement & the kids loved it!

He wouldnt wear the huge birthday pin to school...I dont know why not?I thought it was cool

This girl is a terror right now! She took some scizzors to her bangs last week. Good thing she is so cute!

I love this picture! He always falls asleep with his teddy bear!!


Cordie said...

Fun update, it is about time! :) Are you getting excited for New Moon??

Rich and Tyra said...

Well, I just don't know what to think about 2 new posts within just a little over a month! Welcome back to blogging!!! I love the pictures! Porter is such a sweetie in that picture of him on the couch with Gemma and his teddy bear in that last pic. I have such cute nieces and nephews! Fun!!!

beck said...

Seriously, the cutest kids ever!!! I was dying over ALL of these pics! Gemma is so adorable, Marli is gorgeous, and Porter is handsome and just a freakin awesome big bro!!! I miss you guys. I hate being so far away now. It SUCKS!!! I need to call you one of these days.

beck said...

When I look at Marli, it brings back memories of how you looked when you were little and we were joined at the hip! I'm pretty sure YOU were a little terror, too, if I remember right. Karma, Jade. Karma... and I am with the others in welcoming you back to blogging. We've missed ya! (sorry for the double comments...just got a lot to say.)

Ryan*Andrea*Peyton*Easton said...

What adorable kids! Congratulations on your sweet baby girl, she is beautiful. I hope you all are doing well.

Carrie Malmberg said...

Gemma is adorable! How is it with 3? Your kids are getting so big. I love the picture of Porter snugglin Gemma, what a good big brother! and Marli is too cute for words, I'm sure she's an angel(: keep up the cute picts, that was a fun post

Jade and Todd said...

Honestly i dont think 3 is too bad. For me 2 was the killer!

Anonymous said...

finally!!!! oh i love your kids so much. so cute and sweet.